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    Workplace relationships are never easy. Read more
  • "Don't Call Me a Demon"
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  • Small Yard
  • A Fujoshi's Guide to Japanese

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[EVENT] Sawachi Nijikai 2013

Sawachi Nijikai 2013

It’s our first event of 2013 — so all you Malaysian fujoshi and fudanshi: come hang out with the OW crew at Sawachi Nijikai 2013, the all-BL anime/doujinshi/manga event. We’ll be there all day with one of our brightest stars, Yusura Ai-sensei. She and the rest of our crew will be eager to meet anyone who drops by our booth, so feel free to stop and chat!

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Site Renewal!

Relaunch Promo

Welcome back, everyone!

I’m Courtney, and I’ll be your host today–so please buckle up and strap in for takeoff! It’s (re)launch day here at Otome’s Way Central, and we’re here to update you on our awesome, revamped site as well as where we’re heading in the very near future. More on our new presence behind the cut!

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Preview Pages on the Reader!

Relaunch Promo

Want a special sneak-peek of the newest series on our site?

For your viewing pleasure, Otome’s Way has preview pages of the titles we’re releasing! Check out our site reader for the first few pages of our new works so you can get a feel for the story before you buy it.

Right now, you can see selected pages from various Yusura Ai series, including “Rensou” and parts of her anthology, set to be released toward the end of April. In May, we’ll also be releasing “A Fujoshi’s Guide to Japanese,” the perfect book for anyone looking to brush up their language skills and look at pretty boys!

We’ve got lots of plans for new releases in the months to come, including new authors like ruz, Senno Jiu, and more! So stay tuned!

Some reader issues, oops!

Hey guys!

Pardon our dust–seems there’s a little issue with the reader displaying correctly, so we’ll get that sorted out ASAP and have it back up in no time! Apologies for the inconvenience!

Good news! All has been resolved, and our reader is back up and running and ready for business! Thanks for your patience and sorry for the inconvenience!


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