Otome’s Way

Otome’s Way

This is what we do!

You know that place you can go and find yourself surrounded by a ton of like-minded individuals, a place where you’d live if you could and miss when you’re not there? That’s exactly what “Otome’s Way” is! We’re dedicated to helping new, as-yet unpublished BL mangaka get their foot in the door and expand beyond the Japanese market to reach foreign fujoshi and fudanshi all around the world with top-notch, top-quality English translations and scanlations.

This is who we are!

We’re a group of fujoshi and fudanshi dedicated to spreading our love of BL beyond the borders of Japan, helping connect rising stars of the genre with their fans across the globe.

This is where we live!

Where else would a company called “Otome’s Way” be situated than…well, in the very city home to that fujoshi haven “Otome’s Way”? You can find us in the heart of the Big Mikan with our finger on the pulse of fans around the world!


Drop us a line by e-mail or give us a call/visit us in person at:
  • Sakura Shin-machi 1-17-10, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo-to, 154-0015
  • Phone: +81-03-3425-9988
  • Fax: +81-03-3425-8989