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Upcoming releases!


We’re here to finally let people know some hard dates of upcoming releases. Provided everything goes smoothly (cross those fingers and toes), we’ll be bringing you the following in a week’s time!

Yusura Ai Anthology 1 – [$5 English & Japanese versions; $7 for the bilingual set] This first of hopefully many anthologies to come includes the following works by Yusura-sensei: Our Secret/2人の秘密, An RPG Romance/RPGな恋愛, Collar Me!/首輪をつけて, and The Roommates’ Guide to Love/ルームメイトの恋愛法. Previews are available on our reader!

Rensou – [$10 English & Japanese versions; $17 for the bilingual set] This full-color 60-plus-page first installment of an ongoing series is a beautiful look into the story of Soumaru, an orphan in search of the only family he may have left, and Koinosuke, a beautiful kabuki actor with a tragic past. Includes special effects such as blushing, glistening tears, blinking, etc. Preview available on our reader!

As a reminder, Yusura-sensei will be attending Sawachi Nijikai in person, so if you’ve got some time on May 11 and are in the area (Malaysia~!), drop by our booth to greet her!

We’ll be back again to update you all when the store formally opens, so stay tuned!

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  1. MyrinApril 17, 2013

    I will definitely be getting the Yusura Ai Anthology, what I’ve seen from the previews the stories don’t seem like something too terribly new (plot-wise, I mean), but still not at all something I wouldn’t read, and the style really appealed to me. Even though I actually have no interest in learning Japanese I’ll still buy the bilingual version because less than 2€ difference is totally worth it and I’d also like to support the new mangaka with as much as I can. So yeah, looking forward to this~ 😀


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