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Fujoshi Preview

We let you know yesterday that the wait was nearly over to get your grubby hands on A Fujoshi’s Guide to Japanese, as our esteemed voice actors wrapped up their recording for Volume 1–and we’re here now to give you just a little taste of the fun headed your way!

Get your first introduction to Alexis and Shou right here! Enjoy the short audio clip (Japanese-only, of course!), as Alexis expresses worry about being asked by his father to rendezvous in Japan–as he doesn’t know any Japanese!

Alexis: “って!ぼく日本語とかなにもわからないよ!”
Shou: “では・・・日本にいくまえに すこしおべんきょうを しておきましょうか”

Alexis: “W–wait, I don’t understand a WORD of Japanese!”
Shou: “Then, shall we study a bit of the language before embarking?”

This is but a smidgen, a mere taste of the content that’ll be included in Volume 1 of A Fujoshi’s Guide to Japanese–you’ll get pages of dialogue between our intrepid pair of protagonists along with dozens of vocabulary words as well as pronunciation support for our kana charts. You can’t go wrong with this guide!

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Comments (6)

  1. oharuApril 19, 2013

    Oh! Thank you for all your effort! I’m sure this guide is going to be very very good!! I can’t wait to get it!! <3
    Thank you so much! :))

  2. bronakopdinApril 20, 2013

    This makes wanna hear and learn more 😀

  3. stormwolf2010April 20, 2013

    Awesome, can’t wait for the full thing!

  4. IarrodApril 22, 2013

    I don’t mind learning Japanese… the BL way…….. *stuff tissue into nose*

  5. SuriApril 23, 2013

    Ahaha! and here, I thought that the tutorial from NHK’s website is good enough for me but this…I can’t wait!!!

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