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Fujoshi Preview

We’re finalizing the English interface for our store and hope to be able to introduce everyone to the first titles from OW in the next couple of days, but just to make the wait a little sweeter, we’re releasing even more audio teasers for A Fujoshi’s Guide to Japanese!

Shou: アレクシス様。
Alexis: ん?
Shou: そのえがおは どこへ いっても かわいいですよ。
Alexis: え・・・あ・・・ありがとう。

Shou: You know, Master Alexis…
Alexis: Hm?
Shou: That smile of yours is endearing, no matter where you go.
Alexis: Well…Ah… ありがとう.

We’ll also be sharing a word from OW’s head, Azuma-san shortly, so look for his message soon!

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  1. com3lonApril 29, 2013

    cute cute is this one game or anime or cd promotion yaoi otome ect ect

    • TankoApril 29, 2013

      It`s a japanese guide/textbook. Since it`s for fujoshi, it`s in BL manga format. *o* Can`t wait to put my “hands” on this.

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