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[RELEASE] Store Now Open!

ジャジャ~ン! For the Japanese-impaired, that’s “TADA~!”, something we’re saying because we’re excited to announce that OTOME’S WAY IS OPEN FOR BUSINESS! Woohoo!! For those of you eager to dive in and explore, the store link in our menu above is now active (or just click here!), but if you’d like a reminder of what we’re offering, we’ve got the following:

Yusura Ai Anthology 1 – [$5 English & Japanese versions; $7 for the bilingual set] This first of hopefully many anthologies to come includes the following works by Yusura-sensei: Our Secret/2人の秘密, An RPG Romance/RPGな恋愛, Collar Me!/首輪をつけて, and The Roommates’ Guide to Love/ルームメイトの恋愛法. Previews are available on our reader!

Rensou – [$10 English & Japanese versions; $17 for the bilingual set] This full-color 60-plus-page first installment of an ongoing series is a beautiful look into the story of Soumaru, an orphan in search of the only family he may have left, and Koinosuke, a beautiful kabuki actor with a tragic past. Includes special effects such as blushing, glistening tears, blinking, etc. Preview available on our reader!

A Fujoshi’s Guide to Japanese – [$20 for a limited time only! Price will increase a bit in the future, so get it while you can!] A primer for learning the language, brought to you by Otome’s Way’s own Yusura Ai and accomplished Japanese teacher Akeba Yumiko collaborating to bring to life this fun, flirty guide to Japanese. In this first volume, students will be introduced to the basics of Japanese pronunciation and writing–including the hiragana and katakana syllabaries–as well as learn to master greetings, self-introductions, and counting. Includes interactive charts, audio guidance, and more! Volume 1 in an on-going series.

All of these releases are available for immediate viewing in Chrome or Safari browsers or via iBooks or similar epub-compatible apps. Please be aware, however, that any of our special effects (such as those available in Rensou and A Fujoshi’s Guide to Japanese) will only be viewable from your browser or iBooks; you’ll still be able to view the manga perfectly fine, you just won’t get the extra goodies that come with the browser/iBooks viewing experience.

Check out what interests you and feel free to let us know if you experience any issues, as we’re ready to field potential bumps along the way with this first release wave. As a reminder, though: While these digital titles are technically available for purchase through paypal in any country in the world, there are some countries with legal issues banning BL/homoerotic content. We don’t want anyone getting in trouble, so please note that Otome’s Way does not take responsibility for any content that users may download. You do so of your own volition and must conform to the laws of your own country when doing so.

In particular, citizens of Indonesia, mainland China, Korea, etc. should make certain that they are legally allowed to own BL/homoerotic material before they download any of our titles. Neither Otome’s Way nor Tigris will not be held responsible for their purchases.

We want to keep this fun for everyone, so please be aware of what you’re purchasing for download!

We’ll be back in the coming weeks with even more new content from other authors that we’re stoked to introduce to everyone, so enjoy this first taste of the great content coming straight to you from Otome’s Way! よろしくお願いしまーす!

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Comments (4)

  1. UnaFarsaMay 5, 2013

    Whaaaaaat? BL material is banned in some countries? That doesn’t make any sense. I feel sorry for the closed fujoshis that live there.

  2. UnaFarsaMay 5, 2013

    Also, I really think that the preview of Rensou should be a little longer. We don’t even get to see the two main characters…

    • courtneyMay 5, 2013

      Unfortunately, that was more of a request from the author, so while we understand it’s not a lot to go on, we ask for users’ understanding on the relatively few pages we’re able to offer on that at this point. I’ll personally press for more in the future!

    • Yumiko AkebaMay 5, 2013

      You can see different preview pages on Tigris Libra site.
      Please click on the “Store” tab that will send you to Tigris Libra where you can see longer samples (^^)


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