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A few little bumps!

Sounds like a lot of you have checked out our goods in our newly opened store–thanks a bundle! But as expected, we’re still working out a few kinks, so this post is to let you know that we’re aware of the problems being experienced and have either solved most or are in the process of issuing workarounds. Thanks for your patience!

–Don’t see your confirmation e-mail, or it’s taking a long time to reach you? Seems like there were some server issues that should mostly be resolved by now or will be soon, but also be sure it hasn’t gone into your spam folder! Confirmation e-mails will be resent manually in the near future, so please wait a bit longer and see if that doesn’t solve your problem.

–Because the confirmation e-mail is linked to Tigris’ reader as well, you’ll have to click the confirmation link you receive in Chrome or Safari, the only browsers which Tigris’ reader is able to support. You’re perfectly welcome to browse the store with any other browser, but accessing the reader can only be done via Chrome or Safari–so be sure you use one of those browsers when confirming your registration.

–Trying to download a file and it feels like it’s taking forever? Remember that our SFX-laden files come with lots of audio and visual elements, so they’ll be a bit bulkier than your average ebook and may take longer.

–It seems like the English translation for the usage policy available for viewing on registration isn’t quite finished, so the English that’s displayed at present hasn’t been brushed up. If you find you can’t understand the text shown, please feel free to wait and we’ll announce here so that you can register with confidence as to what you’re agreeing. For anyone else, though, this shouldn’t affect registration.

–Chrome users may see Japanese on Tigris’ sites occasionally due to Chrome’s built-in language controls. Tack “/?lang=en” to the end of the URL (e.g. “http://reader.tigris.jp/?lang=en”) and you should see English display.

For any other issues, please keep letting us know, and we’ll jump right on it!

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