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[RELEASE] Works from Ruz-sensei!


We’re back again with more works from a brand new author–Ruz-sensei! Sales have now started for Ruz Anthology 1, which includes Small Yard and its prequel Hajimete no Chiisa na Niwa–a whopping 100+ pages of content for a cool $5.

What’s the catch? Well, no catch really–but we’re opening sales today up for the Japanese version only. Ruz-sensei already has a decent-sized following on this side of the Pacific, and we’re eager to help her Japanese fans get their mitts on these works by her. But never fear, English speakers! The English version is being prepped as I type and should be available by early June at the latest. Just hang on for a bit more!

Hajimete no Chiisa na Niwa/SMALL YARD [Japanese version ONLY – $5]

Of note–this anthology includes SMALL YARD as well as its prequel, and as a special treat, the first “chapter” of SMALL YARD is included in beautiful full-color, so enjoy Ruz-sensei’s amazing digital coloring skills for next to nothing!

We’ll be sure to alert everyone when the English/bilingual versions are available, so sit tight if you’re not Japanese inclined. Otherwise–check out the Japanese previews here on our reader and then head on over to our store to secure yourself a digital copy!


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