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Otome’s Way

Thanks, Malaysia!

KL Trio

Seems like our reps had an absolute blast at Sawachi Nijikai 2013, and we’ll be updating in the next few days with some thoughts and an event report, but for now, we just wanted to go ahead and thank everyone who stopped by the booth and chatted with us. It’s not only extremely enjoyable, it’s super helpful to be able to get outside of Japan and in touch with BL fans around the world–meeting you guys can only help us bring better service to you in the future, so thanks again!

We managed to get over a hundred new fans signed up with our reader so that they could dive right into checking out our materials, but it seems there were some error messages received when clicking the confirmation link in your e-mail. Never fear, though! The error message was, in itself, an error–and your registration was completed successfully. If you’re still having difficulty accessing Tigris’ reader, feel free to contact them or us, and we’ll try to get everything sorted out.

Your feedback on our services has also been really invaluable, so please keep it coming! Feel free to comment in our forums or via the contact form if you prefer something a bit more ~intimate~. One of the points you were particularly vocal about was “give us print releases!”, so while this will definitely take some planning, it’s definitely on our list of services to bring everyone, so please bear with us as we find our feet.

And speaking of fun new things to bring everyone, we’re planning a weekly treat at the moment, and while I can’t spill any details just yet, I’m pretty sure you’ll all enjoy it, so stick around!


Drop us a line by e-mail or give us a call/visit us in person at:
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