Otome’s Way

Otome’s Way

[UPDATE] “Welcome to Halliwell Hotel”, 2nd Floor – 17, and Akuma vol. 2!

Welcome to Halliwell Hotel

This week on Welcome to Halliwell Hotel, Sei continues his slow, sultry seduction…but is everything as it seems…? (panel is rated R18, so please make note!) Check out the latest English or Japanese pages!

And that, unfortunately, marks the end of our 2014 webcomic updates! Sorry to leave you on such a juicy cliffhanger, but we promise to be back with a bang once the new year starts!

Also: Don’t Call Me a Demon, Volume 2 will only be available through the end of this week, as we prepare for our Ebook release! So head on over to the English or Japanese side to check it out before it’s no longer available for free!


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