Otome’s Way

Otome’s Way

[UPDATE] “Welcome to Halliwell Hotel”, 2nd Floor – 25

Welcome to Halliwell Hotel

This week on Welcome to Halliwell Hotel, Alexis and Sei’s conversation is interrupted by a rather unexpected arrival… Check out the latest English or Japanese pages!

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  1. SebastianMarch 11, 2015

    This series really fun! I look forward to a full volume!

    That aside… I know it is way to early for speculation but I have one question…this friend of Alexis, Clyde- will he be wanting to go after Sei?

    • courtneyMarch 17, 2015

      Now now, telling would be spoiling half the fun! He does have an important role to play though… (and let’s be real, Sei could use a handsome distraction…)


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