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Otome’s Way

[RELEASE] Fragile, Vol. 1

Fragile 1

New release from Otome’s Way!

We’re popping in to announce a new release through Otome’s Way, the debut work from our popular serialized comic mangaka, Tokita Makoto! This volume is the first in a three-part series that will be published over the coming couple of months, so head on over to the webshop to get your hands on Volume 1.


The company newbie, Haru, finds himself unexpectedly close to his supervisor Toudou Shizuru. Despite their not-so-safe-for-work relationship, Haru finds it hard to get close to Toudou on an emotional level. What secrets is Toudou hiding in his past that makes him unwilling to open up?

PRICE: $4 for English or Japanese version, $5 for the bilingual set


You may also notice some slight design changes to our webshop. Never fear! We’ve tweaked our theme slightly, as some users were reporting difficulties seeing certain pages or *gasp* naked code appearing in plain sight! Let us know if you encounter any issues with the new theme, and we’ll be right on it.


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