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Otome’s Way

[REPORT] Sawachi Nijikai 2013 (part 2)

Time for Part 2 of our Sawachi Nijikai 2013 report! Buckle up for more BL con-related fun!

Booth Visitors

The event hall was filled with over 300 fujoshi and fudanshi–and one of the points differentiating this event from Japanese BL-only events was definitely the percentage of boys in attendance! It’s rare to see any men at a BL event in Japan, but not so in Malaysia! Just as with last year’s Comic Fiesta 2012 event, these types of conventions really pull in the fudanshi! The OW group was keenly aware of just how much everyone was enjoying this event.

Test-driving 'A Fujoshi's Guide to Japanese'

And in the midst of this almost swelteringly oppressive atmosphere of enthusiasm, the OW booth was battling a crowd of its own. Our crown jewel on display this time was our BL-oriented Japanese langauge textbook, A Fujoshi’s Guide to Japanese. Unlike your average Japanese textbook, this book’s jam-packed with manga and illustrations, and the main characters Alexis and his butler Shou become readers’ guides, helping them learn Japanese. The manga portions have a few neat little tricks encoded, as the characters depicted in the images blink, or their hair rustles in a breeze–and on top of it all, you can even hear some first-rate professional voice actors bringing the characters to life! Visitors to our booth were given iPads to play around with and took the materials for a test drive.

Ai-sensei preparing coasters

And our own Ai-sensei was no slouch at the booth–she took the opportunity to get some drawing in during the event itself! We brought along 7 coasters with us just for the event–so those visitors who managed to nab one of these limited items were definitely part of a lucky few! Ai-sensei took requests for illustrations to personalize the coasters from the winners.

Yumiko-san and Aarin

And of course, we owed a lot to our next-booth-neighbor Aarinfantasy, who was a great help throughout the event. Unfortunately, we didn’t nab a shot of her facing the camera–but you can spot her in the black dress to the right of our own Akeba Yumiko (who drafted this report in Japanese)!

Azuma-san addressing the event hall

The event organizers granted Otome’s Way 15 minutes of stage time, and with his iPad in hand, our representative Azuma Heyta took the stage to greet everyone. You can catch his voice in A Fujoshi’s Guide to Japanese as well, you know (albeit just a cameo)! If you’ve nabbed a copy, be sure to listen for his lines! Everyone was in high spirits during the stage time, and we received a barrage of questions about our operation. Perhaps one of the most entertaining was, “So what’s your favorite pairing?”–that’s the kind of thinking we don’t see much of here in Japan! Japanese BL events focus primarily on the works available, so this was another big difference that we noticed in attending an overseas event.

Sawachi Nijikai 2013 started at 10 AM and continued until 7 PM that evening, ending with a bang. We’re planning another trip to Malaysia in the summer, so all of you fujoshi and fudanshi over there, please come say hi again! We’re hoping to hit not just Asian but also European and North American cons as well, so we hope we can count on your support to that end! o(^-^)o


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