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Aarinfantasy reviews “A Fujoshi’s Guide”

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We’re always thrilled when our customers take the time to pen reviews for our products, as there’s no better way to introduce new users to our goods and services than through word-of-mouth from satisfied customers! As such, we’ve taken this great review kindly penned by Aarinfantasy and added it to our site. We’re presenting it to you now in the hopes that some will find it useful to read about a real fujoshi’s experience with our Fujoshi’s Guide to Japanese!

Aarin says…

“Ai Yusura and accomplished Japanese teacher Akeba Yumiko collaborated to create this fun guide on eBook format to reach a wider audience group. It is the first book so it starts off with very basic things such as basic pronunciations, reading, writing, greetings and self-introduction. […] I like how Otome’s Way emphasizes on the usual mistakes that beginners/learners made on some words and how it should be read or said.”

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She’s also taken the time to put together a video showcasing OW’s presence at the recent Malaysian BL convention Sawachi Nijikai, and we have to say it looks great! Check it out for a peek at real users interacting with and using our products (and get a look at and listen of Aarinfantasy as well!)

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Comments (21)

  1. keikanna44June 3, 2013

    OMG!!! I heard Aarin’s voice! She’s so pretty! ^_^

    Okay I know that’s not what this video is about. lol I can’t wait to get this guide. It looks like fun and learning Japanese is something I’ve always wanted to do and having the BL mixed in is a fantastic idea to me. I plan to buy all versions of the Fujoshi’s Guide to Japanese as they are released but first I have to get an eBook reader…. >_>

    Side note: I think Otome’s Way is a wonderful website with new creative ways to enjoy manga. I love their color pages manga and how some of it’s animated. All that stuff is great and different from what most sites provide. I wish you all the best of luck in the future and I hope you become more and more popular and bring us more yaoi! 🙂

    • courtneyJune 3, 2013

      Just a reminder–you can read all the products on your computer as well as a tablet or smartphone, too; no need to have a dedicated reader!

      Fujoshi’s guide will look best on an iOS product, though (all of the audio and interactive goodies were built for that platform or browser access through any other platform), if you’re eager to have offline access 🙂

  2. AarinFantasyJune 26, 2013

    Thanks courtney!
    Noted about the new review system thing.

  3. bronakopdinJune 26, 2013

    As someone who once took evening lessons (and luckily with a native Japanese teacher) I can really recommend this book!
    At some point I didn’t have the time (and money) anymore to go there so I have great hopes for the upcoming issues, too, since I had to stop after only half a year with just one class per week.
    The best features for learning (or in my case repeating) are the voice samples and the visual help to write Hiragana and Katakana with the right stroke order!
    The Manga parts add a lot of fun while learning and the interspersed cultural information is interesting and useful, too!
    And in direct comparison: To be able to learn with a native’s voice samples at anytime instead of having to go to classes is a big plus in addition to a very cheap price!
    so if this book is enough for you to understand and learn without having to ask questions it’s a wonderful and affordable alternative!
    I’ll gladly come back here if the mentioned library rating option was added to give a more detailed feedback ^^

    Thank you so much for presenting us this book!

    (My username from AarinFantasy forum is: bronakopdin)

  4. kerlynessJune 27, 2013

    Wow! If I didn’t have the double-whammy of just moving and another language to refresh on, this would definitely be at the top of my list!

    While the store’s brief sample was good, the video really showcased the best features of the ebook format – the interactive text and the voice options. Far too many ebooks don’t use the format well, sticking to just text; Otome looks to have done a great job in using those features to help making learning Japanese easier. And the boys’ love aspect is very appealing!

    Best of luck with this title and series, and I know what I will be recommending to any yaoi fan who wants to learn the language.

    (My username from AarinFantasy forum is: kerlyness)

  5. Cabbit_girlJune 27, 2013

    (My username from AarinFantasy forum is: cabbit_girl)

    I just watched the video and thought the guide sounded very interesting. Since I now spend a lot of my online time on a tablet I like how the guide looked and moved. Thank you for the video, it really gave me a good look at the book and makes it more appealing to me, I will be saving some money now to purchase it!

  6. laketicaJune 27, 2013

    Hmm… my comments are acting funny – the previous one got cut off in the middle… haha… not sure what happened… let me try again. =T

    I haven’t bought the guide, so I won’t be writing on that…… but I really love the simplicity of this website and how easy it is to page through the chapters of the e-books/online reader for Halliwell Hotel especially. I love the artwork, it’s adorable and fluffy and light! My one issue on Google Chrome with this site is that the URL’s (or anything too long) run out of the white box on the right side, in the social stream, so the text runs into the black portion.

    And hiiiii Aarin!!! Your English is wonderful and you speak so well even if you claim you’re nervous. =) I actually watched the video a while ago but never commented on it… Sorry!

    Keep up the wonderful work!

    Oh, and my username from AarinFantasy forum is: laketica. ^^

    • courtneyJune 27, 2013

      The URLs running out of the box happens across all browsers and is a product of someone not using HTML correctly on facebook 🙂 It happens when, instead of pasting a proper link, they paste the naked URL, which can’t be easily word-wrapped and sandwiched nicely into boxes XD; not really something that can be easily fixed, as it’s usually user error ^^;

      • laketicaJune 28, 2013

        Ooh… not sure what a naked URL vs proper link is, but ah, well! It only happens once in a while, it doesn’t take away anything from this wonderful website XD The only post that is doing the long URL thing is this one: “Time for another update to our new series “So What if I Misunderstood?!” right now, from yesterday. I would have thought facebook would convert URL’s to be shorter… ><

        I haven't been good about stalking this place, but every time Aarin tells us to check it out, I do! And as the smut increases… I would totally be there… wahaha~~~

  7. lynixeJune 27, 2013

    aarin, u sounded really cute and awesome for your first time

    keep up the good work on this

    i wish i am able to get the e-book

    even though i am not good at speaking Japanese but I realize that through the years, I pick up the pronunciation better when I am watching an anime that I am interested in.

    This will be of great help to those who are BL fans. People tend to learn things faster when it is a subject of interest rather than listening to audio or going to a class. And with the beautiful art and embedded as e-book, people can take the time to learn it anytime and anywhere while enjoying the content of the e-book. I believe this would be a great success.

    thumbs up on this

    would be thrilled if i can attend the event
    maybe next time

    My username from AarinFantasy forum is: (lynixe)

  8. missmotokoJune 27, 2013

    OMG! I want the ebook. Sadly I don’t do e-readers or smartphoning…well, as of right now anyway. The concept behind the e-book is a fabulous idea. What better way to become acquainted with the Japanese language. Not to mention if there is some yaoi content is the tutorial. *giggles* Maybe I’ll get to attend a yaoicon before I die.

    And last but not least, a shout out to Miss Aarin. You rock, darlin’!

    (username on the Aarinfantasy forum is missmotoko)

  9. AlexiaLeeJune 28, 2013

    Well, I think this product might help those who are scared of studying Japanese… maybe I should give it a try too ^^;;

    “My username from AarinFantasy forum is: AlexiaLee”

  10. crisisloverJune 28, 2013

    I’m probably one of those people that enjoys BL but hasn’t had the chance to try it out as an ebook. The fact that Otome’s Way is offering this sorta thing, means they’re getting around with the times and it’s an awesome idea that I know will have higher demand with time.

    Oh and: My username on the Aarinfantasy forum is (crisislover).

  11. ZetsuaiJune 28, 2013

    still such a cute voice … (*_*) … saw this video already on AarinFantasy …

    I really wish “A Fujoshi’s Guide” would have been available when I was starting to learn Japanese 14 years ago … (^_^) … but since my Japanese is still bad it might be still very helpful for me … thanks to the video Aarin made I really got interested in it and put in on my need to buy list … (^_^) …

    warmest regards from Germany … (^_^) …

    (“My username from AarinFantasy forum is: Zetsuai”)

  12. DustyJune 28, 2013

    I love interactive learning guides, and incorporating BL doubly-enhances the learning experience. Cute guys explaining Japanese would be excellent motivation to learn! If I ever become serious about learning Japanese in the future, I will definitely keep this product in mind.

    After watching Aarin’s review and the promo video (posted back in April), The Fujoshi’s Guide will be at the top of my list. I love that the manga pages come with audio and that the text can be switched between kana, romanji and English. The interactive kana practice will be especially helpful to me, as well. Seeing people at Sawachi Nijikai having fun with the guide makes me want it all the more! =D [BTW, Aarin, your video was very informative, and your voice is so cute. Thanks for posting it!]

    As for the site, I poke around from time to time, usually whenever I receive RSS updates about that super-cute Halliwell Hotel weekly manga. My week isn’t complete until I read more Alex and Shou. [Alex’s twitchy fingers in the most recent update is just too adorable! XD]

    [PS/ My Aarinfantasy forum username is TheDusty.]

  13. darkfaithJune 29, 2013

    This is so interesting! Thank you very much for the info and the video! It looks very interesting and helpful! As I don’t speak japanese, it could help me understand better the use of words and the right way to pronounce them. This is very important to me, as I’m always wondering is this word pronounced “this way” or “that way”. The audio assistance can help me a lot.

    I like the site a lot! It’s easy for me to use and I can easily find the things that I’m looking for. Thank you!

    My username from AarinFantasy forum is: darkfaith

  14. peilicanJune 29, 2013

    My username from AarinFantasy forum is: peilicanhelican

    I love how simple and clean the website is presented. It’s easy to navigate and everything is very organized making it easy to find things. The online reader is also very easy to use.

    I find the idea behind the Fujoshi’s guide to Japanese a really cute idea. It’s engaging and fun and taught by some adorably sexy guys 🙂 I don’t have it, but I’d definitely consider it if I had something to read it on.

    As for the video, I think everyone has said this already, but Aarin does have a nice voice lol.

    • laketicaJune 29, 2013

      Maybe it’s time for some drama CD’s featuring Aarin…….. :am: :hahaha: :wohoho:

      • bronakopdinJune 29, 2013

        I love how you are the same as me attempting to use AF smilies outside of AF :wahaha:

  15. sumireJune 30, 2013

    I think the concept about learning Japanese mixed with a cute story and little features within the ebook very interesting. It gives to those who really wants to learn, more motivation for sure!^^
    And I like the voice sample features! I know from my English class in school, that when I heard something, it was much easier for me to remember and to know the right pronounce.

    I would also say thumps up to this! d(^o^)b

    My username from AarinFantasy forum is: sumire007

  16. KumoshiJuly 1, 2013

    Ever since I first started to watch anime and take an interest in Japanese culture, I’ve been hoping that I could learn the Japanese language. I’ve been given a variety of different suggestions for learning it – self-study with Internet resources, spending lots of times on Japanese sites, or taking classes. Mostly due to time constraints, I’ve never really made a proper effort at learning the language and my knowledge of it consists only of the few words I picked up here and there from watching anime. But after watching the video I feel that the Fujoshi’s Guide to Japanese would make me more motivated to work on Japanese and also make the learning process easier. The voice samples would really come in handy (I know I wish I had that when I was learning French! My accent is still terrible xD). The art is also very attractive, and it goes without saying that I love the BL. I’m seriously considering buying it once I’ve saved up more cash and I really think others who want to learn Japanese in an interactive and fun fashion should buy this.

    Also, a little side note, I think it’s really cool that Otome’s Way was at a BL convention in Malaysia. There’s no Yaoi Con (a California BL convention) this year, unfortunately, but it’s supposed to return in 2014, so I would love to see Otome’s Way there next year if at all possible (:

    My username from AarinFantasy forum is: Kumoshi


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