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Introducing OW Original BL Novels!


“Just who are you, kid…?” Kusaka breathed, eyes riveted to the person before him.

“I told you, my name’s not ‘kid.’ It’s Luca,” the pale man responded, teasingly.

Not content to merely bring you new BL manga from up-and-coming artists, Otome’s Way is, from today on, tackling the other side of the world of fujoshi in Japan: BL Novels.

Unlike their Western counterparts, BL fans in Japan are just as crazy about BL ‘light novels’ as they are about their manga, and many famous manga have contributed insertion art to novels over the course of their career. BL novels allow for more dialogue, greater expansion of explanations and filler, and a generally more filling reading experience, stuffing into 200-or-so pages what can sometimes take several volumes to cover when subjected to the constraints of manga panels.

As such, we’re bringing you weekly installments now of all original BL novels from fujoshi writers, with our own BL mangaka contributing illustrations! First up is Don’t Call Me a Demon, the sultry modern fantasy of a vampire haunting Tokyo’s back alleys and his run-ins with a young detective in the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Investigation Department. Illustrated by our own Senno Jiu, we’ll be bringing you weekly updates of this story (for free of course! It’s raining freebies over here!) that’ll hopefully leave you dying for more.

You’ll also be able to read this story in either the translated English (handled by your faithful English-native staff!) or the original Japanese, so pick your poison! What better way to practice the Japanese you’re learning in A Fujoshi’s Guide to Japanese, right??

Don’t Call Me a Demon

Summary: One moonlit night, Detective Kusaka Daisuke of Tokyo’s Metropolitan Police Investigation Department, 1st Division, managed to catch some criminals red-handed in the middle of an illegal drug deal. Struck by one of the perp’s bullets, the detective sought refuge down one of the city’s many back alleys…and stumbled upon a beautiful blond boy. The boy’s eyes shone red, his skin unearthly pale like a porcelain doll. He called himself Luca, and against all logic, mysteriously aged into a young man before Kusaka’s very eyes! What will become of this chance encounter? Find out in this modern-day fantasy set in the bustling streets of Tokyo.

English or Japanese


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