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Otome’s Way

Hurry while it lasts!

Dig deep into those pockets, O students of Japanese! Because as of June 15–this Saturday!–the price of A Fujoshi’s Guide to Japanese will be going up from its current $20 to $29.99! The limited-time price for this piece is about the expire, and we want to get this textbook into the hands of as many fujoshi and fudanshi as possible, so tell your friends, your family, your neighbors, your dog, the clerk at the local 7-11, anyone you think needs this book to head on over to Tigris or iBooks and get their own copy ASAP!

PLEASE NOTE: Purchases made through iTunes cannot be viewed using Tigris’ online webreader, so you’ll be restricted to viewing it only in apps like iBooks used to read material bought through Apple. Please keep this in mind when purchasing!

For a reminder as to just how awesome this textbook is, be sure to check out this promo video created by Aarinfantasy!

Hopefully those of you who’ve purchased (or are about to!) this textbook so far have found it useful–and we’re already prepping the next volume for release later this year, packed–of course–full of more BL manga featuring Alexis and Shou as well as helpful audio and visual tutorials to get you rattling off a 自己紹介 and more in no time!

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  1. AryaJune 15, 2013

    Hello! Will the PDF version be available later on for the same price? Or if we buy it now, would it be possible to download the PDF version too when it’ll be released?

    • courtneyJune 15, 2013

      Yes and yes 🙂 You’re purchasing the title, not the format–so whatever formats the title is available in, you’ll be able to view it in that format (which right now, is on-the-web and epub, but will include PDF soon). The price is the same, because it’s just the title price ^^ All the formats present and future are included.

  2. AarinFantasyJune 26, 2013

    Hi courtney,
    Just posting here to check if the comment page is having any “Comment is closed” error. I am trying to get some people to comment on Otome’s Way pages especially about the feedbacks on the Fujoshi Guide but it’s closed.

    • AarinFantasyJune 26, 2013

      Okay looks like this page is working 🙂 Hope it doesn’t get closed like this one: http://otomesway.com/archives/2988

      • courtneyJune 26, 2013


        Thanks for the link! It appears the comments were set to be automatically closed after 3 weeks (to prevent spammers). Since we have some really powerful anti-spam software now, I think that’s unnecessary, so all commenting should be open now!

    • courtneyJune 26, 2013


      Comments on pages are disabled, because they’re just static pages, not posts for commenting on. But if there’s some other section that’s having comment issues, that’s something that needs to be looked into.

      We’re revamping our library to give individual pieces their own pages, complete with review forms and rating systems to help others, but it’ll probably be another couple of weeks before that’s ready. I’ll see about getting Fujoshi’s Guide fast-tracked as a testing bed, though.

      In the meantime, users can post feedback in the forum or give us commentary on any social media or through the commenting form. We’d appreciate another push for feedback whenever the actual page for the Guide is up, though!

      • AarinFantasyJune 26, 2013

        Thanks courtney!
        Noted about the new review system thing.

  3. kinsugiJune 28, 2013

    My username from AarinFantasy forum is kinsugi, and I’ve enjoyed seeing Aarin’s review of your book! I already know beginning Japanese and have a pile of textbooks and dictionaries; I wish my first textbook had looked like this onef I were a beginner, I’d definitely want to have these cuties. Good luck!

  4. SchneiderJune 28, 2013

    When I played the video, I didn’t expect aarin to be in it! Really cute but informative as well. I like the textbook from the looks of it so far and I’m a sucker for anything available in epub so I’ll likely buy it soon. Thanks for promoting this aarin and thanks otome’s way for the awesome work.

    – Schneider (aarinfantasy)

  5. DaniyagamiJune 28, 2013

    I came from Aarin’s forum and my username is daniyagami. I actually didn’t know anything about the fujoshi’s guide, I must confess that I came to see Aarin because another member commented that she was on the video! And what a lovely doll Aarin is! It’s really nice to see the face behind the name after all those years as a forum member. 🙂
    I already knew the Otomesway site from other promotions at Aarin’s forum but I didn’t purchased anything yet. I enjoy the e-book format and I think it’s nice to have a place that offers yaoi mangas in this format. Maybe I purchase in the future when I get a tablet (I’ll be getting one soon).


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