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[RELEASE] The Beginning of Our Small Yard

small yard

We’re back with a brand new release for you to feast your eyes on from a great author–whose work we’ve already announced in Japanese!

Yup, it’s time for the English/bilingual release of The Beginning of Our Small Yard by Ruz, a lengthy piece about two office workers who find themselves in a relationship together and fumble their way through dating one another, taking the ups and downs together.

Summary: Two co-workers start a relationship—which sounds simple enough, but never is. When his quirky superior threatens to quit on the heels of a bungled project, an office worker confronts the man in an effort to keep him from leaving, admitting he’s earned his grudging respect despite a rather poor first impression. The price to convince the superior not to go, though, is decidedly greater than what was expected… [SAMPLE]

At 116 pages, one chapter of which is delivered in stunning full color (this ain’t your mama’s MS Paint effort!), you’ll be able to follow this pair from their disastrous first meeting through their ongoing and still-evolving relationship.(please be aware [or rejoice, if that’s your thing!] that this piece contains explicit sexual content)

Nab your own copy in English or Japanese for $5, or get the bilingual set for $7!


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