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[UPDATE] “Welcome to Halliwell Hotel”, episode 9 + Interview with Ai-sensei

Welcome to Halliwell Hotel

Time for an update to Welcome to Halliwell Hotel! Alexis is starting to get a little hot and bothered and he just can’t figure out why!

Read the latest page on our reader in English or the original Japanese!

We’ve also got a special treat for readers in the form of an interview with the above ハリホテ author, Yusura Ai-sensei! Check out our fun chat with Ai-sensei regarding her introduction to BL, what interests her about the genre, and her efforts in making her way as a mangaka herself–all right here!

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  1. lynixeJuly 1, 2013

    after reading the webcomic, i feel so excited to post!

    i first found out about this webcomic through aarinfantasy’s post in the forum
    I admit that it immediately attracted me so much as everything is just very well done

    very grateful for being inform of such wonderful discovery aarin

    i love the art, as it is very nicely drawn and done

    love the cute drabble kind of storyline
    short, simply and straight to the point while being extremely cute and adorable

    and i especially love the interaction between Shou and Master Alexis!
    the naive kind of innocent love is very refreshing and attractive

    highly recommended
    just very sad that it stop at a cliffhanger

    “My username from AarinFantasy forum is: (lynixe)”

  2. laketicaJuly 2, 2013

    My username from AarinFantasy forum is laketica … and I read Halliwell Hotel a while back, and I am SO PSYCHED that there’s some hint of smuttiness now XD XD Yessss I live for that, although I really adore cutesy things too!

    I love the artwork, the boys are beautiful, the comedy is there, the love is there, I love the blush effects, the hair detail, the fact that Alexis says Shou is gonna make a great bride LOL. and I love the fact that I’m included in the manga as Pansy… LOL just kidding, but yeah seriously, the embodiment of every fujoshi, kyaaa~~~ and that Alexis has one hot ass. Mmmhmmm.

    The only downside? I want moreeeee~~~ XD Thank you for the comic!!! I first read it.. .hmm.. a while ago when I first came to the website and I saw the post update. *nod nod*

  3. tsuoshiroJuly 2, 2013

    Im glad I saw the link from aarinfantasy! The manga is entertaining and i see myself on the maid character. LOL. Im not sure if thats how fujoshi/bl fan usually reacts XD i laugh on those parts where maid enjoys the butler Alexis and Shou’s interaction (fan service). hehhehe..

    The drawing is good. A little improvement in terms of body posture. Even though it is a series of short stories in a chapter,I still find it entertaining making me wanting for more. I like how the mangaka teases the reader.

    This would be my first web comic and happy that aarinfantasy introduces it to me.My username from AarinFantasy forum is: tsuoshiro.

    Looking forward on the next chapter 😀 Cant wait!

  4. CherishJuly 2, 2013

    My aarinfantasy name is Crypticorchid.
    I bought the Fujoshi’s Guide to Japanese and I was quite pleased with the quality of the book both in content and art. The characters are drawn with very precise and clean lines. I really enjoy the two character personalities in the manga. I do love master and servant relationships. I only just heard bout the comic but I like it so much I will be following it from now on.

  5. sumireJuly 2, 2013

    The first time I came across with “Welcome to Halliwell Hotel” was when Aarin made a post about Otome’s Way^^

    I like the artwork it’s very sweet. And I can’t say anything about master/butler relationship, just perfect *hohoho*
    Here and there are little teasing, which in the end are totally innocent, love itXD
    (That’s because we all have dirty mindsXD)
    I’m excited to wait fot the next update:)

    Oh, my name in Aarinfantasy forum is: sumire007

  6. DaniyagamiJuly 2, 2013

    My name at Aarin forum is daniyagami

    Wow, I liked this webcomic very much! The art is very pleasant to the eye and the story seems to be very interesting, the pages gave me hunger for more. I’ll look forward for updates!

  7. ThnksFrThMmrsJuly 2, 2013

    Oh man. I already love these characters. I always like the butler and master relationship. I totally love the art style. the characters are very warming and welcoming as well. I can’t wait to see more of this webcomic. Of course I discovered it because of aarinfantasy.com, and I’m super glad about that. My username from AarinFantasy forum is: ThnksFrThMmrs

  8. AlexiaLeeJuly 2, 2013

    To be perfectly honest this type of comics that scream “fujoshi come here and read” doesn’t really pick my interest. So far it looks like any other story with pretty artwork and no real plotline. I hope this changes in the future and builds a refreshing yaoi title.

    I came across this comic thx to aarin’s promotional contest.

    “My username from AarinFantasy forum is: AlexiaLee”

  9. crisisloverJuly 2, 2013

    I started reading it thanks to Aarin’s promotion of it, and I’ve been taking my time going through it. To be honest, I automatically picked up labels for each character. They resemble the usual cliche personalities you might find in other BL titles. The butler, the kawaii-uke/girlish boy, the tomboy-ish maid reminded me of the made in Kuroshitsuji. The art is good through, it lacks somewhat plot wise; but if with time it develops and fills in these gaps of the storyline, I’m sure it will become a great title (not that it isn’t a good title now). It needs improvement in what I just pointed out, or perhaps it might be that because I’m used to reading titles with more hardcore/explicit BL, I might be coming off as harsh on my word. It’s a cute story for those that have just gotten into the genre, you know; testing the waters on what they like and what they don’t. I do believe in giving titles a chance, and I will keep an eye out of this one, do your best sensei!

    “My username from Aarinfantasy Forum is: (crisislover)”

  10. ChristinaJuly 2, 2013

    The story made me giggle! It was light hearted and fluffy. The short scenarios were cute and reminded me of panel comics with just the right amount of humour; though on the down-side it leaves you with a feeling of wanting more. The art is very good! I am surprised at just how lovely the characters and settings all look.
    For the most part, the characters do seem pretty stereotypical to a BL story. With just a glance you can basically figure out their roles. Not necessarily a bad thing though, as this (I believe) will usually appeal to the wide range of bl lovers and at the very least give most people a ‘cute read’.
    The only thing really missing from the story is plot-wise, but as it’s not yet completed; I hope to see where the story goes and how it develops. It’ll be nice if it becomes a memorable one that we can all put on our recommendations lists 😮

    My name on AarinFantasy Forums is: TechaTina

  11. ZetsuaiJuly 2, 2013

    I think the first time that I heard about this webcomic was on Twitter … (^_^) … since I follow Otome’s Way since AarinFantasy posted about it, I got interested and folloed to not miss anything interesting … (*_*) …

    what a cute story so far this “Welcome to Halliwell Hotel”… (^_^) …
    I like the 2 main charas … plus the pet and the cute little borther of the maid … just the maid is not so my taste … but that’s simply because I think women are totally superfluous in BL in general … (^_~) … but since she has such a cute brother it’s ok … I just hope her brother will show more often than her … lol …
    the style of the charas is fine as well … and that there is not much background setting is no problem at all, since I normally don’t pay attention to the backgrounds anyway ( I tend to not draw backgrounds myself) … (^_~) …
    I’m really curious who the storyline and the charas will develop … (*_*) … please continue!!!

    “My username from AarinFantasy forum is: Zetsuai”

  12. xryuchan27July 2, 2013

    I’ve actually been interested about this site because Fencer from September Scanlations was posting a lot about Otome’s Way in her tumblr but I only got to check this out through Aarinfantasy and boy was I glad that I did XD

    I really like butlers and this was really interesting to read The BL hints are just…. ASDFGHJKL If I were a character, I’d probably be more like Pansy and I’d just fantasized all day and not doing maid work about my master and his butler, although that would depend on my master’s strictness orz.

    Anyway, the webcomic was really nice, story and art-wise. Too bad it got me hanging ene So, thanks for showing us this webcomic and site, Aarin and Otome’s Way! o/

    My username from AarinFantasy forum is: xryuchan6927

  13. peilicanJuly 2, 2013

    My username from AarinFantasy forum is: peilicanhelican.

    I first learned of this series a while back while I was exploring the site. I read it through and just love how irresistibly cute everything is. I love the two characters Alexis and Shou and would love to see more of the two of them together. I quite enjoyed the little preview and really hope there is more, especially in regards to plot. I’m not too fond of stories with little or no plot in general and this is the only thing I’m not fond of about this. I feel this title has potential and look forward to seeing how it will develop in the future.

  14. hastyteenflickJuly 2, 2013

    My username from AarinFantasy is hastyteenflick.

    I found out about Otome’s Way from AarinFantasy and from tweets about it! I had an aunt get “Otome’s Way” for my digital reader but I don’t know if it can already be gifted or sent to someone else’s reader as a gift.I hope the creators and developers find a way to work around this initial hurdle. Pretty raunchy stuff so far 🙂

    • courtneyJuly 2, 2013

      Hiya! All of your purchases through the Tigris store are stored in the cloud–so read them on any device anywhere you want! Just log into your account from your new device and either download the epub to read offline or read on Tigris’ cloud reader!

      If you have any specific problems, too, our inbox is always open ^_^

  15. ellymateJuly 3, 2013

    heya, i’m ellymate from aarinfantasy, just tripped over this comic due to aarinfantasy’s post which i really thank!!!!! Because of work i can’t say i have much free time to check everything by myself so a little push up is welcomed!

    i can say i totaly adore the artwork, is gorgeous, trilling and so delicious~~~~ as for the story line… well i’d like it more details, i feel like i’m left ‘suspended’ and i totally want a continuation!!!! an more hot scene ( the sex scene don’t matter that much, but i like how they get misjudged ~ it’s just so funny!!!!!!!!!!!)

    I’m waiting for more so please keep up the great work!

  16. lateChocoJuly 3, 2013

    My username from AarinFantasy forum is: lateChoco

    I came to know this from AarinFantasy first then on September scanlation~ ^^
    “Welcome to Halliwell Hotel” is so fluffy and cute~♥ The art is brilliant and pretty on the cover page; I’m in the category of people who will looks at the art cover for the book before I read on to the summary… More of a vision person. ^^ I have read through up to 11 pages so far up to the latest update and can’t wait for more~! I would check in once a week or more for further update~ >w<

    I feel for Shou because how could he resist when he have such a cute master, Alexis on his side~ It's a wonder that he haven't pounced on him~ ^^

    The maid called Pansy, is in the position where most of fujoshi wanted to be. (For me at least) Having a vivid imagination about their master and butler, create a comical feel to this manga ^^ When instead, what turns out innocent may not be innocent in her eyes XD

    And last of all, thank you for the updates and hard work~! ^_^

  17. MJJuly 3, 2013

    My username from AarinFantasy forum is 801crazed. I first learned about this webcomic through the comment contest on AF.

    The art in this webcomic is very clean and uncluttered. I liked its simplicity. However, I think the butt-shots of Alexis were not drawn very well.

    As for the storyline, if I read this as a parody I enjoyed it quite a bit. Poking fun at the typical yaoi cliches and tropes is all in good fun 🙂

  18. Cabbit_girlJuly 3, 2013

    My username from aarinfantasy forum is: cabbit_girl

    I’m coming here after hearing about this webcomic on aarinfantasy forum. So far i found it a bit hard to follow from the 11 pages i read so far, but i do see a lot of potential for it. While i am generally not a huge fan of comedy types, i do fine the Shou character to be appealing. It is probably just due to being only 11 pages but it felt too rushed and the single page per punch line seemed awkward versus a 4 panel. I am excited to read more content so will be looking forward to some more development!

  19. Tifa-chanJuly 3, 2013

    My username from aarinfantasy forum is: TifaKira

    えっと、あい先生がマレーシアに来たとき特に”Sawachi Nijikai” で私は乙女道ブースにあった. 私は必要とされた時に通訳者とか自社製品を促進すると手伝ってしましたのであの時このWEBCOMIC のこともしりました。”ハリウェルホテルへようこそ ”でアレクシス様とショウの関係はBLヒントがたくさんありました。それは本当にイライラするが同時にエキサイティングと面白いの感じがあります。でも私は本の形のほうが買いたいですね。 あい先生が八月にまたくるのは楽しみに待っています^^。

    Well I got to know about this webcomic when Ai Sensei came to participate in the event “Sawachi Nijikai” I was helping them out as a translator around their booth and promoting their webcomics to the Malaysian fujoshis and fudanshis.
    I like how the the relationship of Master Alexis and Shou in “Welcome to Halliwell Hotel” has incorporated a lot of hinting rather than a straight forward BL relationship. It is very frustrating but at the same time it gives me a very exciting and amusing feel when I read it. I really like the story but I would like to have it in a physical book where I can keep as a collection. I can’t wait for Animangaki where I can talk to Ai sensei again.

  20. NeoAnimeHavenJuly 3, 2013

    My username from AarinFantasy forum is: NeoAnimeHaven

    I found this awhile back when AarinFantasy posted about Otome’s Way, I found the story very cute and with lots of comedy. I can’t wait to see what else you have in store for it, because I always check to see if an update has been made.
    I really like how Shou and Alexis interact, but for 11 pages it felt a little rushed to me.. But as a general meet and greet kind in intro the Characters it seems to work..
    Thanks for sharing this lovely little bit with us.. and good luck on the rest..

  21. bronakopdinJuly 3, 2013

    My username from AarinFantasy forum is: bronakopdin

    Well it’s so much said already 🙂
    still I really love this Webcomic! I knew about it from it’s beginning since I subscribed the newsletter of the site a short while after it’s get up to stay tuned with all news and releases 😀
    When I bought the Fujoshi’s guide I really liked Shou and Alexis in an instant and when I read that they’ll get extra pages in form of the webcomic I was so thrilled! I love Yusura-sensei’s humour 😀 all the “puns” which hint to BL!
    And I totally freaked out when Pansy appeared!
    I mean… a Fujoshi maid who speaks her (and my lol) thoughts all the time?
    I could actually imagine to stand by her side eavesdropping to the room of that last scene xD
    oh my, Even though I really enjoyed the 1-page stories, that one continuation made me feel like “noooo, why isn’t it finished? How does it end? When is the next installment?”

    So yeah, I think I can admit I’m already lost in these two guys, can’t wait for the next page everytime and really look forward to more slashy puns 😀

    When I read Rensou I had the feeling that Yusura-sensei writes deep stories… after the Fujoshi’s guide I thought “oh she’s kinda casual, too” and after the Halliwell Hotel “XDDDDD I already love this author for the different styles of story telling”

    Am really looking forward to your next release Sensei! 🙂

  22. ShandiniJuly 4, 2013

    My username from AarinFantasy forum is Shandini.
    I first learned about this webcomic through the advertisement on Aarinfantasy and I really like it. The drawing style is wonderful (even if the faces sometimes look a bit strange and Alexis’ butt is too angular >_<) and the characters are just great. Alexis is so cute and Shou…. Kyaa, I want a butler like Shou. And the maid is so awesome. I think every BL fan can identify with her.
    I really want to read more about them because the story have a lot of potential. 🙂

  23. SchneiderJuly 4, 2013

    First of all I’ve to agree the artwork is really nice. I am glad more and more artists are venturing into web-comics, they’re fun to read and the quality is amazing.

    It’s still too early to say anything about the title, but what I read so far was a decent experience. I enjoyed the humor and personally liked Shou’s character more. The maid is a total creep though, what with absurd fantasies about her brother. lol Alexis’ character is extremely cliché but doesn’t take away the fun from story for now, I hope there are some improvements in future.
    Nevertheless, nice attempt with the web-comic and keep up the good work!

    Schneider (Aarinfantasy)

  24. darkfaithJuly 4, 2013

    So cute and fun! I had a great time reading the story and I find the characters very interesting! I liked very much the interactions between the characters. There were funny parts too which made it even more enjoyable. I’d love to read more! Thank you very much!

    I found out about the webcomic through Aarinfantasy. I read the post, came on the site and I’m glad that I had the chance to read this beautiful webcomic.

    Also I’d like to thank you for the interview! I was so excited to read the interview! Thank you!

    My username from AarinFantasy forum is: darkfaith

  25. DustyJuly 4, 2013

    \(^^)/ Yay for the newest update. LOL, I just knew Alex’s twitchy fingers from last week would amount to something, even if it’s just a fantasy sequence. d=(^^o) Thank you for the fan service! It’ll hopefully tide us over for now. And poor Shou, putting up with so much from his beloved master. XD

    I started reading Halliwell Hotel when the story first started, having been subscribed to the RSS feed shortly after the website started up. The cute fluffiness keeps me coming for more. For now, the characters are closer in pedigree to character-types than actual, fleshed-out characters, but given that this is only updated with a single page per week, my expectations for character development are fairly low. The storyline also has some flow to it now (it didn’t seem to start out that way), and I’m hoping that there’s more to come with regard to the plot. But what Ai-sensei does, she does very well: the art is lovely and expressive, and the characters, though not very deep and complex (yet?), are funny, sweet and lovable. The master-servant dynamic between the two leads was also a nice choice. 😀

    Though I gravitate toward stories with more meat to the characters and the storyline, I can still enjoy Halliwell Hotel for what it is. And given how much I’m enjoying it so far even without deep character- and plot-development, it seems to me that there’s much more potential for this series to get even better. I eagerly await next week’s update, as always!

    PS/ My Aarinfantasy forum username is TheDusty.


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