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[RELEASE] Senno Jiu Anthology (1) + Novel update!

Senno Anthology

We’re back with another release! Now available for purchase over at our official webshop: Senno Jiu Anthology 1, the first of what we hope to be many anthologies from our own Senno Jiu-sensei! Packed in this anthology you’ll find four erotic, heart-wrenching stories from Senno-sensei: A Withered Flower (available in beautiful full-color), Love & Death, Lover Soul, and the first of the two-part piece 10-year Story.

This anthology is packed with explicit sexual scenes, too, so be careful as you make your purchase–no under-18 readers please! Make sure you’re of-age to read this kind of content before clicking that ‘order’ button 😉 Please also be sure to check the product description for warnings, as some of our pieces may contain triggering material that some readers are sensitive to.

Like all of our pieces available from our webshop, you’ll have your choice of either the monolingual English translation or original Japanese versions at US $5 or the bilingual set of both for US $7. Your purchase will give you automatic access to both the PDF and CBZ versions, so you get to choose where and how you read. More details can be viewed in the product description on our webshop, so be sure to check it out!

Head on over to the webshop!

And speaking of Senno-sensei, while we’re short an illustration once again this week, we’re still hoping for a speedy recovery! In the meantime, let’s check out the new chapter of Don’t Call Me a Demon: Kusaka finds Luca’s possessive streak strangely charming, but not to be distracted from his mission, the two set foot into the Ageha bar. Hopefully they can find someone who knows more information about the murderer… Check out the latest chapter in English or the original Japanese


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