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[RELEASE] Freebie for Small Yard!

SY freebie 01

We’ll be back on Monday with a new chapter of Don’t Call Me a Demon–but to cap off your Sunday, we’ve got a treat for you!

From Ruz-sensei, author of our own Small Yard series, we’ve got a short freebie one-shot from the series. Check out the reader to see what our boys have been up to as they enjoy their relationship with vigor.

Please be aware that this is some R-18 content! Read the short in English or the original Japanese

Don’t know who these two are? Then you’re missing out on a fun story about two co-workers who start up a relationship and realize it may be more trouble than it’s worth (spoiler alert: of course it’s not). Check out Small Yard from Otome’s Way ASAP!


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