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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Halfway through Kickstarter!! Just over $5,600!!

Japanese Tip #1

We’ve just passed the halfway point in the Otome’s Way Kickstarter project!!

So far, we have collected over $5,600 worth of donations from all of our amazing supporters! You guys are the best!! <3 We can't thank you enough for all that you've done for us during the first half of our Kickstarter fundraiser! <3 <3 Here's another exclusive illustration from Ai-sensei to help us show our appreciation! Just click the preview pic to see the full image! HOWEVER!! This means that we've got less than 11 days to go and we're barely skirting around the halfway mark in our fundraiser goals!!!Σ(゚Д゚|||) Now more than ever, we need your help!! Please, please tell everyone you can about our Kickstarter and drum up support for this project! We here at Otome’s Way want to continue the Fujoshi’s Guide to Japanese textbook series! It’s not just the sequel we’ve got planned for this Kickstarter project! We want everyone’s support and interest so that someday we can make this series even BIGGER! Even BETTER than ever before!!

But to do that, we have to tell more people and gather more start up funds! Please, please, please help us share these update posts! Tell your friends! Tell your family! Tell your classmates, coworkers, and neighbors! We gotta tell the world about this project plan!

頑張ろう、みんな!! ♪c(*゚ー^)ノ


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