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Kickstarter Promo – Japanese Tip #3

Japanese Tip #3

Thanks to all of you guys, we’ve got 10 days left and just reached half of our monetary goal!!!

Join the worldly butter, Shou, for another Fujoshi’s Guide to Japanese mini-lesson! This time, have a culture tidbit to get you ready for our Kickstarter Project! Just click the preview to see the large version of the lesson!

More of these tips are still to come! And don’t forget to share this post and image around to let people know about the Otome’s Way Kickstarter so that we can make A Fujoshi’s Guide to Japanese Volume 2 a reality!

You guys have been the best supporters ever!! Just keep spreading the word just like this and we can do this!! So click on over to our Kickstarter and donate today! For those of you who already have donated, share the link on the social media outlet of your choice and let people know about the project!


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