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Kickstarter Promo – Japanese Tip #6

Japanese Tip #3

We’re just a few days away from the end of the Otome’s Way Kickstarter! We’re so close! Just about $1000 away from SUCCESS!!

Here’s the cast of Fujoshi’s Guide to Japanese with yet another in our series of Japanese tips! Just click the preview to see the large version!

This is awesome, everyone! We’re thrilled to be only $1,000 away from our goal! We can do this! Come on everyone! Scrounge up those last few dollars and help with the donations! There are only 4 days left, so time is of the essence!! If enough of our fans and supporters give just a little, we can totally make this Kickstarter a success!! We believe in you guys! (ツ´ω`)ツ

Reblog on Tumblr! Share on Facebook! Tweet on Twitter! Tell everyone you know about the Fujoshi’s Guide textbook Kickstarter and donate! For those of you who already have donated, share the link on the social media outlet of your choice and let people know about the project! (*´・ω・)ノ


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