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Kickstarter Promo – Goals and Goods!

Japanese Tip #3

ヽ(*^∇゚)o Congratulations everyone!!!

As of today, we have just crested our initial goal of $13,000!! We at Otome’s Way owe it all to you guys, our fantastic supporters!! You guys rock our socks clean off our feet!! <3 <3 But don't just sit back and coast through the last few days of fundraising! What about our stretch goals!? If we can get together $2,000 more than our initial goal (that's $15,000 total), we can make an additional workbook with practice problems to supplement the new Fujoshi’s Guide volume!

At a total of $16,000, we can make a supplemental conversation CD of the main characters, Alexis and Shou, complete with a transcription of the Japanese phrases and an English translation of the dialogues so that you can follow along with the characters as they read their lines.
And finally, if we can make at least $21,000 total, we can actually make a limited edition print version of the textbook! Pretty, glossy colorful pages of Shou and Alexis right at your fingertips! <3 Time is running out, but we can still do this! Let's get a few of these stretch goals under our belts!! Reblog on Tumblr! Share on Facebook! Tweet on Twitter! Tell everyone you know about the Fujoshi’s Guide textbook Kickstarter and donate! For those of you who already have donated, share the link on the social media outlet of your choice and let people know about the project! (*´・ω・)ノ


Drop us a line by e-mail or give us a call/visit us in person at:
  • Sakura Shin-machi 1-17-10, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo-to, 154-0015
  • Phone: +81-03-3425-9988
  • Fax: +81-03-3425-8989