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Kickstarter Promo – Japanese Tip #7

Japanese Tip #7

We’ve met our goal of $13,000 and it’s all thanks to you guys, our wonderful supporters!ヽ(´∀`●)人(●´∀`)ノ

Here’s the last in our language tip series, brought to you by the Fujoshi’s Guide team! Just click on the thumbnail image to see the full picture!

But wait! Don’t forget about our Kickstarter yet! Now is when it gets real! We’ve got just 2 days to get together enough money to reach one of our stretch goals! Remember, if we can get together $15,000 total, we can create a supplemental workbook for A Fujoshi’s Guide to Japanese volume 2!! Join Alexis and Shou as they present practical examples and sample problems that will really make these language lessons stick!

If we muster our strength and compile our resources, we can even make an extra CD of Japanese dialogues for the textbook! If we can find enough people to donate and bump up our total to $16,000, you’ll be able to hear the dulcet tones of our main characters in a drama CD-esque setting, complete with transcribed Japanese and English translations of the conversations!!

Our time is short, but this is when you guys can really shine! <3 Reblog on Tumblr! Share on Facebook! Tweet on Twitter! Tell everyone you know about the Fujoshi’s Guide textbook Kickstarter and donate! For those of you who already have donated, share the link on the social media outlet of your choice and let people know about the project! (*´・ω・)ノ


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