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Stretch Goal #1 – Workbook!

FG2 Mockup

WOW! This is fantastic!!

Thanks to all your amazing support, we’ve managed to make it to our first stretch goal!!! This means that we can make an additional workbook to go along with A Fujoshi’s Guide to Japanese volume 2!!

The workbook will be added as an option to the $100 pledge tier, meaning that you can choose to receive either A Fujoshi’s Guide to Japanese 1, our exclusive poster, or the Fujoshi’s Guide to Japanese 2 Workbook. For those who pledged at lower tiers, the workbook will be available for purchase for by itself, or sold as a set with the finished textbook volume. Originally we stated that we’d be offering a discount price for the workbook for people that pledged $55, but a review of the Kickstarter rules showed us that discounts and coupons aren’t considered valid prizes. m(_ _)m We’re incredibly sorry for the mix up, but hope that you’ll understand the change.

This new workbook will contain over 60 pages of problems based on the textbook, including interesting, colloquial conversations between Alexis and Shou! This full-color practice book will also include original art and images made specifically for this release!

We at Otome’s Way never dreamed of such a stupendous out-pour of support from everyone so late in the game! You guys really pushed this through and made this Kickstarter a wonderful success!

Don’t forget that we’re less than a thousand dollars away from our bonus conversation drama CD stretch goal and we only have 7 hours left! Let’s finish this off with a bang and clear our stretch goals together!!


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