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[UPDATE] “Don’t Call Me a Demon”, Chapter 23


The first book of Don’t Call Me a Demon, “The Crying Game” is quickly coming to a close! There are only 4 chapters left! This means two things!

First- The second book, “Dweller of Darkness” (tentative title) will start up in mid-January! Look forward to more of this intriguing world of vampires and detectives in the year 2014, too!

Second- We’ll be releasing Don’t Call Me a Demon book 1: The Crying Game, as a complete first volume on our webstore next year! The release date is set for February. We’ll announce the exact release date at a later time. So those of your who aren’t caught up on the story yet, now’s your chance! These free chapters will only be available until the release comes out on our webshop, so read up!

Check out the latest chapter in English or the original Japanese!

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  1. bronakopdinDecember 10, 2013

    Hey Otome’s Way staff 🙂

    I’m actually looking forward to be able to purchase this book when it comes out next year!
    It’s just that I have a little question: While reading I find small mistakes here and there in the English translation, mostly spellings, seldom grammar but still I’d like to know if there will be another proofreading before it gets published in your store?

    (I’d even do the proofreading myself if you don’t have the staff to do this)

    I don’t want to offend! I just want to know before purchasing the book!

    Thank you for releasing this anyway!

    • courtneyDecember 14, 2013

      Hi! Sorry for the late response, but we’ll definitely be giving the whole thing a thorough proofing before asking people to drop cash for it! The same will go for any of our free pieces right now should we sell them for a profit in the future–it’s one thing for a freebie to have the occasional error, but we’d like anything our readers pay for to be as error-free as possible!


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