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[RELEASE] Rensou, vol. 2

Rensou 2

Rensou, Volume 2 – ON SALE NOW!

Volume 2 of this epic historical drama from Otome’s Way’s own Yusura Ai-sensei is finally available for your immediate enjoyment! Ai-sensei’s thrilled to bring you more of this exciting tale, and if you’ve been wondering just what Koinosuke looks like under all that makeup…wonder no more!

At $8 for the English or Japanese versions and $10 for the bilingual set, you’re all set to dive into another 70 pages of gorgeous full-color illustrations in this historical romantic drama. Our story continues from Volume 1 as Soutarou attempts to determine just why Koinosuke acts so cold to him–but if Koinosuke is distant, then his brother Ainosuke is becoming anything but… Be aware that this series contains graphic sexual content and is rated R18! (yikes!)

Available in both PDF and CBZ formats, your purchase entitles you to download both versions, so head on over to our official webshop and check out the previews!


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