Otome’s Way

Otome’s Way

[EVENT] Room 801

Room801 Goods!

Do you live in Oz? Do you like BL? Are you heading to Room 801, a new Australian 18+ yaoi/yuri convention being held February 21-23?

Then you’re in luck, because Otome’s Way will be represented at the con, with all kinds of merch to vend–including fans, keychains, buttons, T-shirts, laminated posters, and hand-drawn coasters! Everything’s limited supply, so head on over as quickly as possible after arriving!

The lovely aarinfantasy has agreed to function as our rep at the event, so you’ll want to find her booth and let her know you’re there for Otome’s Way goods! In addition to our merchandise for sale, we’ll also be giving out flyers with coupons for use in our webshop, so please stop by!


Drop us a line by e-mail or give us a call/visit us in person at:
  • Sakura Shin-machi 1-17-10, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo-to, 154-0015
  • Phone: +81-03-3425-9988
  • Fax: +81-03-3425-8989