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Otome’s Way

[RELEASE] Weekend, now in English/Bilingual



Apologies for the long wait, but we hope it was worth it: You can now purchase Weekend, the companion piece to Ruz-sensei’s Small Yard, in English, the original Japanese, or a bilingual set!

Check out the order page on our official webshop!

Weekend is not a sequel, per se, as it is a few one-shots set at different points in the relationship of our pair of paramours, but the focus of the work is how the boys spend their weekend together at different stages of dating—be it fresh at the start of the relationship or some time in when they’re more accustomed to how each other thinks. While reading Small Yard is not explicitly required to understand Weekend, it’s strongly recommended.

It’s a fun read—and packed full of sexy love scenes (that R18 label is serious business!)—so if you’ve been holding off your purchase until an English version was available, wait no more!

You can now own the 100-page English or Japanese version for $5 or get the bilingual set for just $7! As usual, your purchase entitles you to unlimited downloads of both the PDF and CBZ versions to help our readers enjoy their purchase anywhere they please!

Happy reading!


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