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[UPCOMING] Uragoi: Buried Love

Uragoi: Buried Love

March is going to be a busy month for Otome’s Way—and one of the pieces we’re excited to bring you soon is Yuzuyu-sensei’s lengthy piece Uragoi: Buried Love.

Will popular kid Tomoka draw hikikomori Ringo, who rarely attends school from fear of bullying, out of his shell? What about class president Madoka who has also taken an interest in Ringo, although his may not be entirely innocent? Yuzuyu-sensei’s new work Uragoi: Buried Love combines her adorable art style with themes of geekiness, bullying, dark secrets, love confessions, and betrayals.

This piece is a bit more serious than her free webcomic So What if I Misunderstood?!, so please look forward to it! We’ll be back with more information as the sales date draws near~

On another note, some customers may have experienced issues downloading their purchases from our webshop, and we’re happy to report that we’ve resolved those issues! If you’re still experiencing problems with downloading your purchase, please contact us and we’ll get right to work fixing things!


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