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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Don’t Call Me a Demon Release Postponement

Don't Call Me a Demon Preview

This year is a busy one for everyone here at Otome’s Way. Sadly, though this means we’re getting together tons of really great content, it also means that schedules are harder to organize.

We’re hard at work getting together upcoming releases, as well as fine tuning our new Japanese textbook. Our fabulous Don’t Call Me a Demon artist, Senno-sensei, is also booked full. Therefore, we’re postponing the release of the first volume of 悪魔と呼ばないで (Don’t Call Me a Demon) until the end of March. The first chapter of the second volume is scheduled to go up on our reader on the first weekend of April.

In the mean time! Take a look at this delicious image from Senno-sensei to whet your appetites for more steamy content in future chapters of Don’t Call Me a Demon! Just click on the thumbnail to see the full image!


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