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[RELEASE] Spring BLowout!!

Spring BLowout

Toss out those snow shoes (or get ready to put them on, if you’re Down Under!) and break out your wallet…or Paypal account! Because it’s time for our Otome’s Way Spring BLowout!

This is no April Fool’s prank (we’ve still got another hour before that here in Japan ;)) — we’re bringing you THREE new pieces from our talented authors, and you definitely won’t want to miss these!

Uragoi (Buried Love) – This first piece from Yuzuyu-sensei (responsible for our cute freebie webcomic So What if I Misunderstood?!) combines her cute art style with a dark tale of high school love. Will popular kid Tomoka draw hikikomori Ringo, who rarely attends school from fear of bullying, out of his shell? What about class president Madoka who has also taken an interest in Ringo, although his may not be entirely innocent? Yuzuyu-sensei’s new work Uragoi: Buried Love combines her adorable art style with themes of geekiness, bullying, dark secrets, love confessions, and betrayals. Please be sure to check out the warnings!

Price: $8 monolingual (Eng/Jpn), $12 bilingual set (this one’s a little more expensive than usual because it’s all in gorgeous full color! Go check out the preview pages!)
Formats: PDF, CBZ
Rating: R18

Hazy Serpent – This new piece (a double anthology including the title story as well as the WW2 piece When You Smell the Olive Trees) from Amamiya-sensei revolves around a pair of ninjas! Aoi and Youjirou are always assigned together, never to stray from their combined missions. But with Aoi’s frequent and secretive disappearances, Youjirou can’t help but fear for their current relationship…

Price: $5 monolingual (Eng/Jpn), $7 bilingual set
Formats: PDF, CBZ
Rating: R18

Don’t Call Me a Demon – You’ve been waiting a while for this, and here it is! This first volume of the novel has been available for free to read so far—but now we’ve compiled it into an easy-to-read format and included a purchase-only new short chapter for you to dive into! Don’t miss this purchase—and get ready for the start of Volume 2 soon!

Price: $5 (English only)
Formats: PDF, EPUB
Rating: R18

Whew! That’s a lot of guy-on-guy lovin’! We’re happy to field any questions here or via our contact form, so please don’t hesitate to let us know if you’ve got anything to say! Happy reading!


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