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[RELEASE] Ikebukuro Danshi BL Gakuen Cafe Report

BL cafe

We’re back with a brand new release from Yuzuyu-sensei!

This time, we’re bringing you a detailed report on the goings-on at Ikebukuro’s BL cafe, Ikebukuro Danshi BL Gakuen!

If there’s one thing Japan loves, it’s cafes! You’ve heard of maid cafes, you’ve heard of butler cafes, but have you heard…of a BL cafe?

It’s exactly what it sounds like and more! This full-color report by Otome’s Way’s of Yuzuyu-sensei details a recent trip she took with some Otome’s Way staff to “Ikebukuro BL Danshi Gakuen,” a cafe in Ikebukuro, Tokyo, that caters to a clientele near and dear to our hearts: fujoshi! Meet the fun-loving “students” and learn about their dark, hidden desires as they flirt with their customers and coworkers alike! Check out this report to find out what goes on behind the doors of Ikebukuro BL Danshi Gakuen!

The report includes 20 illustrated pages along with details about how to get to the cafe, what it’s like actually attending the cafe, how to order, what the “students” are like, and more! You can own this PDF/CBZ set in beautiful full-color with English text for $3 right now!

Head on over to our webshop and check out the preview pages, and be sure to enjoy!


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