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[RELEASE] A Fujoshi’s Guide to Japanese, vol. 2


お待たせしました!! Sorry for the wait, everyone! But—it’s finally time~!

A Fujoshi’s Guide to Japanese (2) [$30]

A Fujoshi’s Guide to Japanese, volume 2, hits the interwebs today! Hot on the heels of Volume 1, we’re back with more language learning fun featuring Alexis and his butler Shou. This volume’s publication was all thanks to our great supporters who donated via Kickstarter, so we want to thank everyone who donated and supported us in other ways as well! We’ll be rolling out all of the rewards for our Kickstarter campaign in good time, but for now — let’s get into the volume contents!

Do you like BL? Ever wanted to learn Japanese? Then this may be the Japanese texbook for you! Through manga and illustrations, you’ll learn practical Japanese–as used in the real world, not just the kind of phrases you might see in your run-of-the-mill textbook. Following Volume 1, Volume 2 in this series welcomes Alexis and his butler Shou as your guides throughout your language-learning journey. You’re sure to have a fun learning experience together with the main characters of Yusura Ai-sensei’s popular BL series Welcome to Halliwell Hotel!

In this jam-packed Volume 2, students will practice reading and writing over 100 new kanji characters, learn the fine points of adjectives and verbs, and see when and where to use polite language (です、〜ます) versus more casual speech (だ、〜る). Volume 2 also features the lovely voices of some great young seiyuu, exposing listeners to native speakers in a setting that sounds like something right off of a drama CD! And don’t forget the bonus video material as well, where you’ll get to meet the seiyuu themselves!

View the full contents on the product page to see if this volume is appropriate for your level of Japanese learning. We’re also happy to field any questions, so if you’re curious or have any concerns before purchasing, feel free to hit up our contact form!

A Fujoshi’s Guide to Japanese, vol. 2 [$30]

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  1. bronakopdinJune 3, 2014

    great! I really waited for this 🙂

    looking forward to the workbook, too 😀


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