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[RELEASE] Fragile, Vol. 1

Fragile 1

New release from Otome’s Way!

We’re popping in to announce a new release through Otome’s Way, the debut work from our popular serialized comic mangaka, Tokita Makoto! This volume is the first in a three-part series that will be published over the coming couple of months, so head on over to the webshop to get your hands on Volume 1.


The company newbie, Haru, finds himself unexpectedly close to his supervisor Toudou Shizuru. Despite their not-so-safe-for-work relationship, Haru finds it hard to get close to Toudou on an emotional level. What secrets is Toudou hiding in his past that makes him unwilling to open up?

PRICE: $4 for English or Japanese version, $5 for the bilingual set


You may also notice some slight design changes to our webshop. Never fear! We’ve tweaked our theme slightly, as some users were reporting difficulties seeing certain pages or *gasp* naked code appearing in plain sight! Let us know if you encounter any issues with the new theme, and we’ll be right on it.

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Small Yard in Korean, and Volume 2

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Small Yard in Korean, and Volume 2

Small Yard Korean

안녕하세요, Korean readers! Ruz-sensei’s Small Yard 1 and Weekend, following Sempai and his bff (that’s boyfriend forever, of course), are available scanlated in Korean through Boomtown! Head on over to sign up and start reading!

Not a Korean speaker? Fear not, we have something coming REAL SOON for English-speaking fans of Ruz-sensei’s work as well!

Small Yard 2 is coming soon! 100 pages of brand new material, with the plot thickening surrounding Sempai’s checkered past…! Look for an early-mid December release!

暑中見舞い from Otome’s Way!

暑中見舞い from Otome’s Way!

Summer Greetings

Otome’s Way will be taking a short summer break as we try to beat the heat! From July 27 to August 2, the staff will break for a bit and be back bright eyed and bushy tailed with more content!

To help tide you over, have this 暑中見舞い (shochuu mimai) from Ai-sensei, which is a greeting card traditionally sent to friends and family during the hot hot summer months to check in on them and see how things are going.

One note: we’ll still be updating In the Palm of Your Hand this week as usual, since this is our final page and we didn’t want to leave everyone hanging. Please look forward to it!

[NEW] OTOME ROAD by Otome’s Way


Ever wanted to know more about Tokyo? In this new series OTOME ROAD by Otome’s Way, we introduce popular shops and hangouts in the BL anime/manga fan mecca, Ikebukuro!

Each week Otome’s Way will write up a report on different locations near the main stretch of Ikebukuro’s Otome Road to help fans get to know the area better! Whether you’re making plans to visit Japan and looking for places to visit, or just want to know a little bit more about Tokyo, Otome’s Way is here to help fujoshi get a little bit closer to Tokyo’s biggest BL hotspot!

Just click the read more link for more info, images, and helpful links!

This week: Animate, the main branch!! Super-store for all things anime and manga!

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