Otome’s Way

Otome’s Way

Pen Name (Romaji): Mami & NatsumiMami and Natsumi 01
Website: 戦国乱武
Birthday: October 12 (Mami) and August 15 (Natsumi)
Zodiac: Libra (Mami) and Leo (Natsumi)
Hometown: Kyoto
Gender: Female
Favorite anime/manga: Busy with their own works, these artists don’t have much time to watch anime or read manga these days…
Favorite movie/TV show: …but they’re huge fans of horror flicks!
Hobbies: Drawing manga, developing video games
Pets: Rabbit, turtle, dog, fish

Title Content Released
Nijiiro no Kairaku One-shot 2013
Ryuu no Koiuta One-shot 2013

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