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Otome’s Way

Pen Name (Romaji): Utsunomiya HiyokoUtsunomiya profile
Pen Name (漢字): 宇都宮緋夜子
Birthday: August 25
Zodiac: Virgo (the Otome sign!)
Hometown: Fukushima Prefecture
Gender: Female
Favorite anime/manga: While she loves One Piece and other shounen/seinen manga, she’s more into reading short stories lately, though. She doesn’t watch much anime these days, but she used to be a huge fan of The Three-eyed One.
Favorite movie/TV show: She loves the 1956 classic Anastasia–but you could mostly call her a Yul Brynner fan in general. She also enjoyed the 1990s J-drama Furikaereba Yatsu ga Iru.
Hobbies: Reading, watching baseball (as well as the likes of volleyball and judo) on TV
Pets: A super adorable large-breed dog
Recent Activity: [2013] Released “I GIVE UP!” as part of Otome’s Way Anthology 1

Title Content Released
I GIVE UP! school life, childhood friends, one-shot 2013
Sunao ni Narou one-shot 2013

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