Otome’s Way

Otome’s Way

Title Canary
Author Touen Momo
Medium Manga
Release Date May 2013
Anthologized? Yes
Price $5 English/Japanese; $7 bilingual set
Length 24 pages
Available Languages English, Japanese
Available Formats epub, cloud reader
Preview OW Reader

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Note: Price is reflective of the full anthology value; anthologized one-shots cannot be purchased piecemeal.

Summary: Sakuya cannot forget his now deceased lover so he drowns himself in pleasure at the hands of others. His favorite distraction is Taichi, but things get complicated as Taichi continues to question Sakuya’s wandering attention. | Part of Otome’s Way Anthology 1


A regular customer of Sakuya’s who’s become quite attached. He wishes that Sakuya could get past his heartbreak and love only him, instead of the shadow of his dead brother…


Once a composer, but when his musical partner and lover died, he became a prostitute to escape the solitude of his thoughts. He likes Taichi the most of his clients, but is it just because he reminds him of his old lover?

Younger seme/older uke, one-shot Brothel Drama R-18


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