Otome’s Way

Otome’s Way

Title The Roommates’ Guide to Love
Author Yusura Ai
Medium Manga
Release Date May 2013
Anthologized? Yes
Price $5 English/Japanese; $7 bilingual set
Length 24 pages
Available Languages English, Japanese
Available Formats epub, cloud reader
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Summary: Yuuta has plans to go on a date with a girl–and consults his roommate Shinji for a bit of ‘hands-on study’ in order to ensure that his date goes off without a hitch. But when Shinji kisses him during their lesson, Yuuta has no idea what to make of it… | Part of Yusura Ai Anthology 1



Yuuta’s unusually touchie-feelie roommate. When he sees Yuuta fawning over some girl in his class, he can’t help but get jealous.

Himori Yuuta

Isn’t very popular with the ladies, so he asks his roommate Shinji for dating advice. When he asks for tips on kissing, he gets more than he bargained for.

College drama, one-shot College campus Romance PG-13


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