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  • Small Yard
  • A Fujoshi's Guide to Japanese

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[FUNDRAISER] OW 2017 Spring Fundraiser! (3/21)


Loyal fans and friends of Otome’s Way! Spring is right around the corner and all of us at Otome’s Way are gearing up for 2017 projects! There’s a lot in store, including new authors, weekly manga, and of course, all the original BL you can handle!

Here’s where we need your help!

Donate directly to Otome’s Way and help us meet our goal of $1,500 before April 21! As you guys know, drawing, translating, typesetting, and marketing quality BL manga titles, learning material, and novels takes a lot of effort and capital. The more money we start out with, the more content we can bring to you this year!

Click on the Paypal “Donate” button in the sidebar or in this post to help us out! If every fan of this page gave $1, we’d reach our goal in no time flat! Please donate and help the Otome’s Way team bring more quality original BL to overseas fans!

I send an illustration

Otome’s way is makeing a new thing every day.
But great work is not from jast a great artist.
BL and picture’s fan is bring
great illustration!
today’s picture from Amatou.

[RELEASE] Fragile, Vol. 2

Fragile 1

New release from Otome’s Way!

We’re back with another new release through Otome’s Way, part 2 of the debut work from our popular serialized comic mangaka, Tokita Makoto! This volume is the second in her three-part series that will conclude in another few months, so head on over to the webshop to get your hands on Volume 2. Missed Volume 1? That’s still available as well!


Haru’s got it bad for his supervisor Toudou, but for some reason the older man just can’t let go of his past. Finally Haru gets to hear about the terrible abuse that Toudou endured and how it made him swear off love for good…

PRICE: $4 for English or Japanese version, $5 for the bilingual set


Tokita-sensei wonders what you guys think of her work, so feel free to leave reviews here or on the product page, as we’ll be forwarding them to the author herself!

Summer Greetings from Ai-sensei

natsu 2016

Hi guys! How is summer treating you? Or winter, if you’re down under! Whatever the weather may be like in your neighborhood, Otome’s Way and Yusura Ai-sensei hope you’re having a great season!

In Japan, it’s yukata season, so have a lovely shot of Shou all decked out for a matsuri–with Alexis, perhaps…? Click the image for a bigger view!


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